REMIX: 'Something About You' (Sisa Mix) by Level 42

The British pop group Level 42 broke onto the US Billboard charts in 1985 with the Top 10 hit "Something About You." By this time, they already had success in their native land with five studio albums, four of which charting in the UK Top 40. But it wasn't until their 1985 album World Machine that gave them worldwide success.

Their next album Running in the Family would prove to be their most successful album worldwide, spawning the mega hit "Lessons in Love." Producer, writer, and session keyboard player Wally Badarou played an integral part behind the scenes on both albums and the three albums that would follow. Along with assistant producer Julian Mendelsohn, many 12-inch remixes were released during the '80s. In fact, enough were released that Level 42 has several compilation albums of remixes.

One remix I discovered recently the "Sisa Mix" for "Something About You." It extends the album version of 4:27 to 7:40 and in all the best ways. My favorite remixes don't just extend the song for the sake of doing it but includes "new" parts to the song like longer solos, bonus solos, and extra verses or lyrics. Sisa Mix does all that and more with tasty bass licks around the 4:30 mark, an extended guitar solo at 5:09, and a spoken word or almost rap session with new lyrics at 5:47. It really turns a song that I know and love into something so much more. There are many more remixes of "Something About You" but the Sisa mix by far is my favorite.

Listen to "Something About You" (Sisa Mix) below and connect with the track in your favorite music app using this Songwhip link.

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