SYNTHWAVE: NeoSlave Returns With 'To Touch The Surface of The Sun' EP Album

Out Now! Synthwave artist NeoSlave has released a brand new EP album titled To Touch the Surface of the Sun. The 4-track extended play album on Lazerdiscs Records brings a hard mix of dark synth and electronica to put you in a spooky mood. Here are my initial thoughts on each of the tracks:


What an opening chord! Several great rhythms throughout the track that progress the song. The piano riff at the break gives some great dissonance against the synth chords which really catches your ear. Overall, a great opening track.

"Time Dilation"

The dark tones are little more subtle to start. Driving synth dominates the first half of the song and there is some nice synth work in the middle of the song. Pretty solid.

"Blood Boiling"

Some very unusual key tones at the beginning, but the main synth hook is killer. The nature of the "blood" lyric is really counter to the overall feel of the song. Definitely, my favorite track on the album.

"Suffer Beneath the Surface"

Rhythms are a little fast for my taste. The main key riffs and background synth have a video game quality, but since I don't do much gaming, I'm probably not playing this one in the car.

To Touch the Surface of the Sun is available now on all music platforms. Listen to the full album below or use the link to connect in your favorite music streaming app. Tell me thoughts on each track in the comments.

About NeoSlave: 

So dark, so dangerous! Yet so melodic and melancholic at the same time.
Neoslave is a one-man audio army that will engulf your ears in beautiful sonic disarray. Lee has been a relentless contributor to underground sounds for over almost 2 decades. His wild energy and creative outburst are reflected in his energetic live performances. Always coloring outside the lines, he strives to bring retro electro to the masses. Seething saws, wild solos & hooks that will reel you in. Neoslave has it all! Neoslave is a darksynth emperor!

Information provided by LazerDiscs Records

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