SYNTHWAVE: New Single 'Black Katana' by Mega Drive

Mega Drive has just released a new single titled "Black Katana" from the forthcoming 200XAD album. It is the follow-up single to "NARC³" which was released in September earlier this year. Here is the description from the press release:

Moving the dark stories from 198XAD and 199XAD forward "Black Katana" is an electronic synthwave instrumental piece that takes listeners even further into the dystopian future rife with danger and corruption described in "NARC³". Featuring a complex atmospheric soundscape masterfully fused together with synthesizers, steady electronic beats, and a hypnotizing guitar "Black Katana" is another piece of the intricate story Mega Drive is telling set in motion nearly a decade ago.

I'm really digging this new track. The main hook really grabs your ear. There is some great driving guitar work throughout the song with complimentary synth tones. The drum fills are really well done and the toms at the break have a Miami Vice quality.

"Black Katana" is available now on all platforms from independent multi-genre label FiXT. Listen to the single below or use the link to connect in your favorite music streaming app.

About Mega Drive:

The enigmatic artist behind the Mega Drive project has established himself as one of the most visionary creators in synthwave, and early releases like VHS, Hardwired, and 198XAD represent essential pillars of the dark synth and cyberpunk synthwave outgrowths of the main genre. Since his first releases in 2012, Mega Drive has gained a diehard following and his albums have become some of the most well-known and well-respected recordings in the entire retro synth world.

Never content to lean on past accomplishments, Mega Drive has consistently evolved his sound to embrace new creative approaches, and every album in the artist’s discography offers its own distinctive style. That level of experimentation and willingness to grow as a creator has kept him at the forefront of synthwave’s ever-changing landscape, and it ensures that fans will have new material to enjoy for a long time to come.

Information provided by FiXt Music

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