SYNTHWAVE: Fury Weekend Unites With Ollie Wride For 'Soul Survivor'

Out now from independent multi-genre music label FiXT is "Soul Survivor," the latest single from Belarus-based Ars Nikonov also known as Fury Weekend. Best known for combining his love of classic rock, electronic music, and ‘80s, Fury Weekend unites with FM-84 frontman Ollie Wride for a wistful vocal performance interlaced between intricate pulsing, and playful beats.

"Soul Survivor" fuses synthwave with electro-pop with touches of alternative for an overall yearning atmosphere. Synthwave meets electropop for a match made in heaven. Use the link below to listen to the new single in your favorite music streaming app.

About Fury Weekend:

The Fury Weekend project was created when Belarus-based Ars Nikonov chose to combine his love of classic rock, electronic music, and ‘80s culture into a forward-thinking music venture. The result is a dystopian synthwave sound that blends bright synth melodies and gritty guitar work into a singular music vision of the future.

The uniqueness of Fury Weekend should come as no surprise given the artist’s background, which involves ambitious projects ranging from industrial to post-rock. Diversant: 13, Cold in May, Martian Love, Seanine, and Tribal A.D. are some of the many names that fill Ars’ creative resume, and each of those has given the creator the experience and tools needed to make an impact with his retro-futuristic synthwave project.

About Ollie Wride:

OLLIE WRIDE, is an English singer/songwriter fusing innovative elements of modern alternative pop with the nostalgic hallmarks of synth-pop. The artist found a platform to hone his unique blend of songwriting and showmanship working with San Francisco-based producer FM-84, penning some of synthwave's most popular tracks including "Running in The Night", leading to two North American sold-out tours in 2018 / 2019.

Following this popular collaboration, provided an opportunity for Wride to explore a more personal approach utilizing his melodic sensibilities and character-driven lyrics, quickly attracting a new audience with the release of his debut solo album, "Thanks in Advance” on NRW Records. Widely praised by fans, the album became their fastest-selling debut record to date, charting on Billboard's Top 10 Electronic charts as well as No. 1 on iTunes' Electronic charts. Followed by sold-out headline shows at London's Camden Assembly and Lafayette.

2020 saw the release of the deluxe repress, featuring the cult hit “Stranger Love”, featured on Channel 4's Made in Chelsea. In 2021 during the pandemic, catalyzed Wride’s creative output, producing a one-off live stream concert, Directed by concert cinematographer Steve Price (Queen) culminated in the vinyl pressing “Once In A Lifetime” featuring the latest single “A Matter of Time”. Ollie Wride is now working on his highly anticipated second album with renowned producers: Chris Zane (St. Lucia) Arcades (BTS) James F. Reynolds (Sigrid)

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