SYNTHWAVE: Listen to the Power Groove ‘See Me’ by LeBrock

I'm a little late to "seeing" this LeBrock single which was released in late September, but better late than never when it comes to a great synthwave track. "See Me" has a great driving groove and resilient lyrics that inspire you to move:

Wake up from this heart attack. Pull the daggers from my back
Bend me, I’m unbreakable. This situation’s critical.
Did I ever let you down in the haze of a smoky room
Did I ever let you down in the graveyard of disrepair
Did I ever let you down in the city of angels
Will I ever let you down? Would I ever let you down?

The vocal performance is what makes the song great, beautifully performed with an echo vocal that resounds. The synth work provides a great base for a retro inspired sound with sharp piano notes bursting through the bassline and effects. My favorite part is just after the bridge when the beat drops and teases an acapella vocal but powers back in.

Listen to the single below or use the link to connect in your favorite music streaming app.

About LeBrock:

Combing ‘80s melodic rock riffs with shimmering synthwave melodies and a hearfelt vocal delivery, members Michael and Shaun have already established themselves as some of the most uniquely compelling artists with the world of retro music. The results speak for themselves.

Information provided by FiXt Music

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